Youngest senior photorapher, Pascaline Josette

I’m not your typical senior photographer.  In fact, I may be the youngest there is because I started my business at fourteen-years old. So why do people book me?

In my fourteen years, I’ve traveled the world with my family, helped film a travel show, photographed different cultures, started two small gluten free cupcake businesses, written my first book and learned the craft of photography from my parents who are award-winning, Sony Artisan photographers.

I’ve always loved telling stories. Through watching my parents photograph beautiful moments in life, I’ve developed my own eye for storytelling.

I am a fashion influenced senior photographer.  I’ve spent years honing my skills in drawing, design and painting to create fashion sketches.  Using my knowledge of fashion and photography, I’m able to pose my seniors in ways that best reflect their sense of style and personality.

Every shoot I book goes toward my college savings for Fashion School.

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